Qatar National Convention Center


New Tokyo City Hall Competition

1985 - 1986

Tokyo, Japan



Site Area: 43,000 sqm

Building Area: 26,873 sqm

Total Floor Area: 325,000 sqm

This design was entered in the limited design competition for the New Tokyo City Hall which was to move the metropolitan government building to the Shinjuku areas, where high-rises mushroom. Although the site extends across three blocks, we opted for an integral building in order to give it the identity of a City Hall and to facilitate the administrative functions. We therefore designed an international conference hall, with a relatively independent character, and a plaza on one block. The main building with the assembly hall would occupy the remaining two blocks.
Historically, the concept of the city hall developed as the center of an autonomous municipal body in Europe. We based our proposal on such a traditional architectural style, but re-organized it with new technologies. We extracted the four basic elements which constitute Western city halls, i.e. a tower, a plaza, a hall and a ceremony hall, and interpreted them, according to the program of this project, as a radio tower which serves as a landmark, a festival plaza where various events can be held, a large atrium which is a room for 'heaven', 'earth' and 'people', and an international convention hall to interface international exchanges.
The office space of the main administrative building is structured as a network of circulation and communications lines for smooth interaction among the many bureaus. We proposed low but concentrated buildings for the sake of the maintaining the image of the city hall as well as for the functions of the administration.