Harbin Concert Hall - Construction Site


Phoenix Municipal Government Center Competition


Arizona, U.S.A.


Site Area: 150,000 sqm

Total Floor Area: 137,480 sqm

The purpose of this project was to give structure to the urban fabric of downtown Phoenix, Arizona's capital. The program called for an integration of the present city hall and the former city hall (built in 1929); an expanded police station; the prosecutor's office and courts; a new fire station; a city council building; and other, nongovernmental facilities, such as a theater, offices, and retail space. The buildings would be located on a ten-block site adjacent to the old city hall.
This proposal includes a City Gate - a bridge connecting two of the blocks and crossing over Washington Street, the main axis leading to the state capitol. The columns of a City Colonnade tie new and old facilities together and provide shade from the strong southwestern sun. Within the central six blocks of the downtown areas, this colonnade and several clusters of buildings surround a park that incorporates water, rocks, sculpture, and pavilions in a desert setting. At the center of the park is the Phoenix Pavilion, a multipurpose building whose setback form and materials - red and beige sandstone, terra-cotta tile - evoke the traditional Pueblo-Deco style.