Harbin Concert Hall - Construction Site


Ochanomizu Square Building - Casals Hall

1984 - 1987

Tokyo, Japan

Cultural Facility

Site Area: 9,084 sqm

Building Area: 3,660 sqm

Total Floor Area: 22,232 sqm

This building comprises three underground floors for parking, 13 above-ground floors for the office space and a concert hall in the back. The basic structure has three classic layers comprising a cubic well plaza of four stories high, a lower layer which embraces the plaza, a rectangular parallelepiped middle layer and a penthouse on top of them. The old building standing in the front area of the lower layer was built to restore the original plan made by William Merrel Vories in remembrance of the old streets. The outer walls were finished with terra-cotta and glass fiber reinforced concrete and Indian sandstones so as to harmonize the new part with old. The exterior walls of the middle layer were finished with brown colored luster tiles, which sometimes appear blue as they reflect the sky. It has many expressions. The concert hall was named after Pablo Casals and designed as a shoe-box type chamber music hall which is represented by Grosser Misikvereinssaal in Vienna. It can seat 427 in the orchestra and 84 in the balcony. The veneer panels of white oak and lath mortar panels simulating drapes cover the walls of the concert hall acting to diffuse sound, and the curtain hung behind the seats act as an acoustic wall.