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Clubhouse, Musashi-kyuryo Country Club

1986 - 1987

Saitama, Japan

Club House

Site Area: 1,243,000 sqm

Building Area: 2,626 sqm

Total Floor Area: 3,649 sqm

The Musashi-Kyuryo Country Club, which features an eighteen-hole golf course, is located in western Saitama prefecture, in a corner of the Oku Musashi Natural Park. The golf course cuts trough foothills 1,000 feet in altitude, from which the skyscrapers of Tokyo can be seen. A winding mountain road leads to the sloping golf course; an access road following the ridge leads to the clubhouse. This building is the main feature of the plan, and the program required that its interior provide a view of the natural surroundings.
The split-level design makes use of the gently rolling hills. The entrance hall is centrally located. A half flight up are the dining facilities; a half flight down are the locker room, shower room, and starting terrace. Japanese cedar trees in the area and large rocks that were unearthed during construction were used in the building as much as possible; four cedar logs, each four feet in diameter and sixty-five feet tall, seem to support the obelisk-style tower that rises from the entrance hall. The interior is naturally lit through louvered skylights in the tower. In contrast to the enclosed entrance hall, the main dinning has expansive windows, which reach to the slanted roof and then continue horizontally, granting a broad view. The exterior of the clubhouse is mainly of green stacked local stone and pink stucco; the roof is of copper plate.