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Okanoyama Graphic Art Museum

1982 - 1984

Hyogo, Japan

Cultural Facility

Site Area: 2,280 sqm

Building Area: 279 sqm

Total Floor Area: 396 sqm

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This museum was build to house the works of Tadanori Yokoo, a graphic artist who was born in Nishiwaki, a city in the area known as the "navel" of Japan. The museum is located at the intersection of the imaginary lines of 35°north latitude and 135°east longitude, which determines Japan's standard time.
The galleries holding Yokoo's works from the 1960s through the 1980s are arranged in a series, like the cars of a train. The architecture of these spaces is intentionally neutral to draw attention to the works themselves. Anterooms between the galleries that chart the development of the artist's style have a more distinct character, with paint and tiles used for their architectural effects.
Offices, a seminar room, and storage areas are also located within the gallery building. At the center of the long western wall of the museum stands a small meditation building topped by a pyramid whose proportions are drawn from those of the Egyptian pyramid. The artist's studio is set off on its own, separated from the main building by a tile-paved central garden.