Ark Nova Project - Construction Site


Udarnik Contemporary Art Museum, Conversion

2014 -

Moscow, Russia

Cultural Facility ― Museum


Total Floor Area: 5,690 sqm

An international, closed competition was held and collected proposals to convert "Udarnik", a cinema building, to a museum of contemporary art. The original building was designed by Boris Iofan and built in 1931, at the periphery of The House on Embankment situated in central Moscow.

As a methodology to converting this building into museum of contemporary art while preserving the historic value and originality of the building, we have composed our proposal with an approach that conforms to the original functional composition by stacking different programmes on top of another.
Spatial characteristics unique to each floor were assessed and possibilities for conversion into spaces for arts that matches and enhances the spatial characteristics of each floor were investigated, and the following concepts are proposed:-

Media Art Gallery: The basement floor is a dark space without natural light but have rigid enclosure suitable for sound isolation. The space is proposed to be converted to Media Art Gallery in a theatre like configuration allowing use for audio, video and performing arts as well as lecture or cinema.
Glass Gallery: Contrary to the basement floor, the first floor is a space that has more idealistically modernist characteristics, composed almost entirely by only columns and shallow vaults. Flexible, and movable glass display walls are proposed and enhance the transparency of the space.

Black Cube Gallery: The Second floor is the former cinema with seating capacity of 1000, and have vast volume of space. Taking advantage of the high ceiling, a cubic space analogous to museum-in-museum is installed to generate open ended possibilities for various activities of art.

All of the three major spaces are proposed as a space particular to the museum, as opposed to being the more generic, “white cube” museum typology seen all over the world, and enhances the opportunities for particular curation unique to the Udarnik Museum of Contemporary Art.
By the stacking of unique museum spaces, we believe the Udarnik will become a place with particular traction on the art scenes of Russia, by establishing the new horizon of value through unique curatorial and art works that spread all over the world.