Long Hu Sub CBD - Construction Site


The Noble Quran Oasis

2014 -

Al-madinah, Saudi Arabia

Cultural Facility ― Museum


Site Area: 200,000 sqm

Total Floor Area: 150,000 sqm

This international closed competition was held as one of the thirteen cultural projects in the Holy City of Medina, Saudi Arabia, in a move by the city to reinforce its presence as a central focus within Islamic community.

The Revelation came on earth as the Light. The Light transformed into the voice of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and have propagated. The Quran Oasis is an apparatus that portrayed the moment of Revelation on the site, situated in the Holy City.
The Quran Oasis, similar to any other oasis, consists of a fountainhead and shade. A plaza is provided around the central water crater and is shaded by the elevated "Modified Torus", thus creating a comfortable outdoor space. An amphitheatre is positioned to surround the water and accommodates various events. The gigantic LED screen at the bottom surface of the "Modified Torus" shall create a spiritual atmosphere when used for such occasions.