Harbin Concert Hall - Construction Site


City Center of Tianjin Ecocity


Tianjin, China

Urban Design


Site Area: 367,331 sqm

Total Floor Area: 1,713,000 sqm

The design of the city center of Tianjin Eco-City included both master plan of the CBD and architectural designs for seven cultural facilities. Since the site was in a flood plane where used to be a saltpan, we came up with a poetic concept “海市雲城”, which literally means ‘A mirage cloud city’. The concept also implies several images such as an ocean, a market or a citadel.
We decided to take the upper level plan not only as a given condition but also as sea water that will describe our concept as well. Several levels were set above this sea. Zero meter level as a ground level, 6.6m for a LRT line, 12m for a pedestrians’ deck and 30m level for the sky-deck. These levels are connected together with a mega-structure named ‘Urban Integrator’. This structure will provide both ecological friendly space and contemporary urban space.