Ark Nova Project - Construction Site


Zhengzhou New District Transportation Core Area

2012 -

Zhengzhou, China

Urban Design


Site Area: 1,355,114 sqm

Total Floor Area: 2,583,630 sqm

A main requirement of the competition was to create a space in front of railway station, which is the one of the largest and the most import one among all the stations in China. In order to respond the requirement, we have closely paid attention to design and think of a concept, system and regulations.
The main idea of our proposal was to install the ‘flux structure’ into the city. There are, needless to say, several ways to traversing inside of the city such as using trains, cars and buses, but in the end, whichever the way one has took, they have to walk. One important thing in an urban design is that how to behave at this pedestrians. Our proposal, the flux structure, will provide a rich spatial experience and an unpredictable activity that makes the city more attractive.