Harbin Concert Hall - Construction Site


Udarnik Contemporary Art Museum, Conversion2014 - Moscow, RussiaCultural Facility
The Noble Quran Oasis2014 - Al-madinah, Saudi ArabiaCultural Facility
Kitakyushu Municipal Museum of Art, Renovation2012 - Fukuoka, JapanCultural Facility
Hunan Provincial Museum, Renovation and Expansion2011 - Changsha, ChinaCultural Facility
Harbin Concert Hall2010 - Harbin, ChinaCultural Facility
Datong Grand Theater2009 - Datong, ChinaCultural Facility
Tianjin Performing Arts Center2009Tianjin, ChinaCultural Facility
Tianjin Art Gallery2009Tianjin, ChinaCultural Facility
Astana Presidential Library2009Astana, KazakhstanCultural Facility
Museum of Zoolite2008 - Hezheng, ChinaCultural Facility
Centural-Art & Museum Complex in Kyiv, Ukraine2008 - Kyiv, UkraineCultural Facility
Shanghai Hangtian Museum2008 - 2010Shanghai, ChinaCultural Facility
Festspielhaus Beethoven 2008 - 2009Bonn, GermanyCultural Facility
Great Scenic Space of the City of Granada2008Granada, SpainCultural Facility
Cologne Opera House Competition2008Cologne, GermanyCultural Facility
Krakow Congress Center (Concert Hall Interior Design)2007 - Kraków, PolandCultural Facility
China Wetland Museum2006 - 2010Hangzhou, ChinaCultural Facility
Hara Museum ARC, Extension2006 - 2008Gunma, JapanCultural Facility
Central Area of Shenzhen Nanshan Cultural & Sports Center Competition2006Shenzhen, ChinaCultural Facility
Jianchuan Museum Complex, Japanese Army Museum2004 - Jianchuan, ChinaCultural Facility
Qatar National Convention Center2004 - 2011Doha, QatarCultural Facility
Megaron Concert Hall2003 - 2011Thessaloniki, GreeceCultural Facility
Central Academy of Fine Arts, Museum of Contemporary Art2003 - 2008Beijing, ChinaCultural Facility
Cultural Theme Park “Hai Shang Yi Yuan”2003Shanghai, ChinaCultural Facility
New Mariinsky Theater Competition2002SaintPetersburg, RussiaCultural Facility
Lincoln Center Avery Fisher Hall Renovation Competition (Interior Design)2002New York, U.S.A.Cultural Facility
Gifu Kitagata Apartment, North Block Master Plan2001 - 2006Gifu, JapanCultural Facility
Kitagata Town Community Center2001 - 2005Gifu, JapanCultural Facility
Onassis House of Letters & Fine Arts 2001Athens, GreeceCultural Facility
New Acropolis Museum2001Athens, GreeceCultural Facility
Museum of Contemporary Art, Sao Paulo2001Sao Paulo, BrazilCultural Facility
Beijing Metropolitan Museum Competition2001Beijing, ChinaCultural Facility
Denver Art Museum Extension2000Denver, U.S.A.Cultural Facility
La Caixa Forum, Entrance Court1999 - 2002Barcelona, SpainCultural Facility
New Gate for the Uffizi Museum Limited Competition1998Florence, ItalyCultural Facility
National Grand Theater Limited Competition1998Beijing, ChinaCultural Facility
Shenzhen Cultural Center 1997 - 2008Shenzhen, ChinaCultural Facility
Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media1997 - 2003Yamaguchi, JapanCultural Facility
Ceramics Park MINO1996 - 2002Gifu, JapanCultural Facility
Art Plaza1996 - 1997Oita, JapanCultural Facility
Akiyoshidai International Arts Village1995 - 1998Yamaguchi, JapanCultural Facility
Ohio Center of Science and Industry1994 - 1999Ohio, U.S.A.Cultural Facility
The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma, Contemporary Art Wing 1994 - 1997Gunma, JapanCultural Facility
Baltimore Performing Arts Center Competition1994Maryland, U.S.A.Cultural Facility
Bass Museum Expansion1993 - 2000Florida, U.S.A.Cultural Facility
Granship-Shizuoka Convention and Arts Center1993 - 1998Shizuoka, JapanCultural Facility
Shizuoka Performing Arts Center1993 - 1997Shizuoka, JapanCultural Facility
Domus: La Casa del Hombre1993 - 1995LaCoruña, SpainCultural Facility
Nara Centennial Hall1992 - 1998Nara, JapanCultural Facility
Nakaya Ukichiro Museum of Snow and Ice1992 - 1994Ishikawa, JapanCultural Facility
Kiryu City Performing Arts Center 1992 - 1993Gunma, JapanCultural Facility
Nishiharima Concert Hall1992Hyogo, JapanCultural Facility
Kyoto Concert Hall1991 - 1995Kyoto, JapanCultural Facility
Toga Art Park, New Toga Sanbo Theater1991 - 1994Toyama, JapanCultural Facility
Nagi Museum of Contemporary Art1991 - 1994Okayama, JapanCultural Facility
Museum of Modern Art Munich Competition1991 - 1992Munich, GermanyCultural Facility
Guggenheim Museum Soho1991 - 1992New York, U.S.A.Cultural Facility
Manggha Center of Japanese Art and Technology1990 - 1994Kraków, PolandCultural Facility
Museum of Contemporary Art, Stuttgart1990Stuttgart, GermanyCultural Facility
Museo D’Art Contemporin de la Ville de Frejus Limited Competition1990Frejus, FranceCultural Facility
Izu Museum of Contemporary Art1990Shizuoka, JapanCultural Facility
Tateyama Museum of Toyama and Youboh-kan Hall1989 - 1991Toyama, JapanCultural Facility
Tokyo New Museum Proposal1989Tokyo, JapanCultural Facility
Hara Museum ARC1987 - 1988Gunma, JapanCultural Facility
The Brooklyn Museum Expansion1986 - 1992New York, U.S.A.Cultural Facility
Art Tower Mito1986 - 1990Ibaraki, JapanCultural Facility
Museum of Ethnology, Building Expansion Competition1986Frankfurt, GermanyCultural Facility
Foundation Daniel Templon Project, Valbonne, Sophia-Antipolis International Park1986Valbonne, FranceCultural Facility
Foundation Daniel Templon1986Sofia Antipolis, FranceCultural Facility
Ochanomizu Square Building - Casals Hall1984 - 1987Tokyo, JapanCultural Facility
Okanoyama Graphic Art Museum1982 - 1984Hyogo, JapanCultural Facility
Togamura Amphitheater1982Toyama, JapanCultural Facility
The Museum of Contemporary Art1981 - 1986California, U.S.A.Cultural Facility
Toga Sanbo Theater1980 - 1982Toyama, JapanCultural Facility
Oita Multimedia Center 1977 - 1979Oita, JapanCultural Facility
The Kitakyushu City Museum of Art1972 - 1974Fukuoka, JapanCultural Facility
The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma1971 - 1974Gunma, JapanCultural Facility