Creation Story Museum Medina

Discipline : architecture
Program : museum
Location : Medina, Saudi Arabia
Period : 2017
Site Area : 4,419 ㎡
Total Floor Area : 12,000 ㎡
Credit : IAA
The design approach is an attempt to sculpt the divine sounds of Islam into a physical form. It aims to demonstrate the integral concept of Islamic history and civilization with three key components:

A symbol of the Almighty Allah, the topmost part of the design represents the majesty of the Cosmos. The idea is that this element would illuminate with the call of every Adhan, establishing a clear link between the waves of Holy Prayer and the waves of brilliant light. This celebrates the legacy of the spread of Islamic civilization in early history by delivering the Quran through spoken word.
The form is inspired by the rich tradition of Islamic calligraphy, reflected in the abstracted motifs of the canopy. Functionally, the structure provides shade in the day and luminescence in the night, echoing the mercy and enlightenment brought upon Mohammed (May peace be upon him) into this word.

This part represents humanity and the elegance of nature. It is a chronicle of Mohammed’s (May peace be upon him) journey in Medina and the introduction of Islamic wisdom. The spiraling ramp in the center is an ephemeral space that builds on the concept of the Seven Heavens, passing through which one eventually arrives at a place of divine contemplation, represented by the basement museum. Functionally, the ground floor accommodates the Park and the Retail Space.

Ideas of Spiritual Connection, Divine Contemplation and Interactions are the core concepts of the basement Museum. With the spiraling ramp culminating in an oasis, the viewer meditates on the Age of Mohammed (May peace be upon him) and the Oasis of Medina; reflected in the pool of cosmic glow.
The Museum is a vessel for a constantly evolving Exhibition, always developing with the latest technologies and forever representing the glory of Islam.