House of Knowledge Dubai EXPO2020

Discipline : architecture
Program : exhibition hall
Location : Dubai, UAE
Period : 2017
Total Floor Area : 3,870 ㎡
Credit : IAA
The House of Knowledge is a project planned as a part of Dubai Expo 2020. The vision and spirit of the House of Knowledge are to create an exhibition space that promotes tolerance and knowledge - key drivers of the Islamic civilization. The project will aim to entice visitors to learn the history of Islamic civilization, its influence, and contributions to tolerance and knowledge including Astronomy, Philosophy, Space, Geography and Exploration, Mathematics, Physics, Arts, Medicine, Women in Islam, and Chemistry.
The project was approached largely from two aspects to meet its requirements; the exhibition aspect and the architectural aspect.
The challenge was to design the facility so that it could serve as an exhibition space during the Expo period and be converted into a museum/academic research center afterward.