DEWA Headquarter Building

Discipline : architecture
Program : office
Location : Dubai, UAE
Period : 2016
Credit : IAA
A new Icon of Dubai
For the last decades in Dubai, architectural and construction expansion brought the cityscape into a whole new level, creating its unique stance as an architecturally rich urban environment not only in the region but on a global scale.
We often observe new buildings designed and constructed to achieve what is so-called “futuristic” and “iconic” through the introduction of unprecedented approaches in form and shapes. We believe that such pursuit of “futuristic” and “iconic” buildings has led the city to a point where it is filled with buildings that are competing with one another to be more “futuristic” than others only in terms of their physical appearance. Our belief is that if the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) Headquarters Office Building is to be designed with a similar pursuit for a purely superficial “futuristic” and “iconic” character, it is unlikely to bring the unique and iconic presence which DEWA seeks in this urban setting.
Our approach for DEWA Headquarters Office Building is to work with a simple yet timelessly elegant volume for the offices. An idea to create the façade of the building internally led us to an introduction of void space which penetrates through the main volume that brings us advantages in terms of quality-of-life, sustainability, and of course aesthetics.
Latest sustainable technologies are adopted on the external façade of the building in order to comply with DEWA’s sustainable goal yet not distract from the simple and timelessly elegant volume of the building. The sustainable feature on the façade is inspired by ephemerality in nature such as water, cloud, mist, fog, sand, lightning, and so on.