Guian New Disvtrict Central Area, Masterplan

Discipline : urban design
Location : Guian, China
Period : 2015 -
Credit : AIA+IAA
An urban design competition was held to develop the central area with rapid train station of “Guian New District”, the new district between Guiyang and Anshun in Guizhou prefecture in China. The New district is expected to be one of the special economic zones for hi-tech industries as part of a nationwide development project. Guizhou is a place with rich natural landscape and traditional culture of various ethnic minorities. The challenge is to incorporate these unique contexts (hi-tech industry, rich natural landscape, and traditional culture) into one cohesive urban design proposal.
As a new concept of values for urban development, a design scheme was proposed to limit the development area and to preserve a large area of natural green with mountains and water features. In order to minimize the development area footprint, studies were undertaken and proposed for several high-density and mixed-use building typologies. Such studies resulted in distributing the required program not only in a two-dimensional plane but also in the third dimension. An additional emphasis was put on the semi-outdoor public spaces as urban life places, using the traditional lifestyle and the pleasant climate of the area.
Moreover, as a symbol of the high-tech and ecological city, a public-transportation-oriented city was proposed instead of a personal-automobile-oriented one. New transportation systems such as AGT and PRT are examples of such an approach.